Download the Checkmk Enterprise Free Edition

Hi 2.5 Admins listeners! Download Checkmk now and get started monitoring your infrastructure in less than 10 minutes.

or download the Checkmk Raw Edition.

Checkmk light and dark theme
  • All enterprise features
  • 30 days unlimited use (25 hosts-limit afterwards)
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • 1,900+ maintained plugins
  • Measurement intervals: up to 1s
  • Automated service discovery


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Other features

Enterprise-grade secruity

Advanced Reporting

Grafana integration

Bright & dark UI themes

Health-, metrics, and event-monitoring

Automated plugin configuration

Monitoring of highly dynamic environments

Automated central agent updating

Getting Started

  1. 1Download the Checkmk Enterprise Free Edition using the form above
  2. 2Read the Checkmk beginners guide
  3. 3Use the Checkmk Enterprise Free Edition to explore the concepts outlined in the guide
  4. 4Contact us with any questions or to request an unlimited host trial

Checkmk is a phenomenal monitoring program that is constantly improving while remaining flexible enough for customizing to perfectly fit your unique monitoring needs.

With the ability to write your own custom plugins in Python there is truly nothing that can't be monitored according to your specification. The fact that it can do all this on a single core, 4GB of RAM Virtual Machine is mind-blowing.

Frequently asked questions

No, you can use the Checkmk Enterprise Free Edition for as long as you want.

For 30 days, you can monitor an unlimited number of hosts and services. You can afterwards monitor only 25 hosts per site with as many services as these hosts. If you want to make a 'trial at scale', i.e. without a host limit, please contact us.

Please have a look at this comparison table to see differences between all Checkmk versions that are currently available.

No, if you would like a trial in a large scale distributed setup, please contact us.

Get an ultra-scalable, enterprise-grade monitoring solution for heterogeneous IT environments.