TitleWebservice for retrieving BI status
ComponentBusiness Intelligence
StateDone (Won't Do)

We could implement a simple webservices that outputs the current state of one, several or all BI aggregation groups. The output format could be that needed for local checks. That way one could make Nagios services out of BI aggregations by a simple call to curl as a local check on the Nagios host. We could also make the aggregations groups that should be output confiurable in And we could make that webservice work without authentication from localhost (at least on OMD), so that no artificial machine account needs to be created. End of story: user just puts a file into /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/local and has his BI aggregations as nagios services. One question still is how to configure the path to the web service (i.e. the name of the OMD site).