EMC Isilon Check 0.2e_mk

Uploaded2019-06-17 16:21:04
DescriptionDescription: check_mk EMC Isilon Version: 0.2e_mk Usage: - check_mk agent and plugin with WATO rules and cee metric graphs - see agent for installation instructions Features: - CPU load, filesystem, disk status, temperature, memory and uptime of every node - Cluster status, firmware level, capacity and NTP info - Performance statistics incl. IOps, net and disk throughput - Quota usage incl. summary, configurable thresholds - SyncIQ delay, configurable thresholds Update: - redeploy plugin when updating from any earlier version Changelog: 0.2.d - fixed a crash when a node is in maintenance or reboot - added WATO option to ignore network packet errors - statistics CEE metrics now have friendly names - reworked memory CEE metrics graph 0.2e - improved node check, now avoids more n/a-errors
Minimal Version1.2.0
Packet with1.4.0p30
File size17.27kB
  • checkman/isi_cpu
  • checkman/isi_mem
  • checkman/isi_quota
  • checkman/isi_uptime
  • checkman/isi_cluster
  • checkman/isi_node
  • checkman/isi_pstat_nfs
  • checkman/isi_synciq
  • agents/check_mk_agent.isilon
  • agents/plugins/mh_isilon
  • checks/isi_cluster
  • checks/isi_cpu
  • checks/isi_mem
  • checks/isi_node
  • checks/isi_pstat_nfs
  • checks/isi_quota
  • checks/isi_synciq
  • checks/isi_uptime
  • web/plugins/metrics/mh_isilon.py
  • web/plugins/perfometer/mh_isilon.py
  • web/plugins/wato/isi_uptime.py
  • web/plugins/wato/mh_isilon.py
Checksum (MD5)941ad86fa6f72eb01b6b89e6e1c97084