Check for sum of multipaths 1.1

AuthorTobias Schönau (
Uploaded2019-01-04 12:07:12
DescriptionAdd new check, check manual and multisite plugins for linux broken paths. It is to monitor the whole sum of paths for LUNs provided insteat of monitor each single LUN. This check comes along with a version of the multipath check exported from 1.5.0p9. If you want to keep the multipath check for updates link the original from ~/share/check_mk/checks/multipath to the corresponding local directory. The check is not backward compatible to versions below 1.5.0 cause of changes on multipath check and changed perfometer render options. Please use mkp version 1.0 for any Check_MK down to 2015.10.06.
Minimal Version1.5.0
Packet with1.5.0p9
File size7.82kB
  • web/plugins/perfometer/
  • web/plugins/wato/
  • checkman/multipath.broken_paths
  • checks/multipath
  • checks/multipath.broken_paths
Checksum (MD5)745cca83f8e84a62493cd9a8766ba63e