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Werk #6450: Fixed handling of 'SNMP' and 'Dual Check_MK Agent + SNMP' tags when migrating from <1.5

TitleFixed handling of "SNMP" and "Dual Check_MK Agent + SNMP" tags when migrating from <1.5
Date2018-08-14 13:41:38
Checkmk EditionCheckmk Raw Edition (CRE)
Checkmk Version1.6.0b1,1.5.0p2
LevelProminent Change
ClassBug Fix
CompatibilityCompatible - no manual interaction needed

In addition to the problem that has been fixed with #6446, the werk #5535 introduced a problem when one has not modified the tag group "Agent type".

In this situation the "Agent type" tag group is automatically changed to the new format (as described in #5535).

During this process two tags were not migrated correctly:

  • Agent type: SNMP (Networking device, Appliance) (Tag-ID: snmp-only)
  • Agent type: Dual (Dual: Check_MK Agent + SNMP) (Tag-ID: snmp-tcp)

When editing the host, the new Agent type and SNMP attributes are selected correctly and also saved correctly. No host lost his attributes in this case. But when saving the tag list of hosts to the config files, the tags "snmp-only" and "snmp-tcp" were not set anymore.

This is a problem because existing rules may refer to these tags.

The second part of this problem are these probably existing rules. When you open them in the GUI and saving them to the disk again, these rules will loose their conditions, because these tags did not exist anymore.

We have now changed the migration procedure to work like this:

  • In the moment you update and the old "Agent type" tag group is migrated to the new one two new auxiliary tags are added to your configuration (snmp-only: "Legacy: SNMP ..." and snmp-tcp: "Legacy: Dual:...")
  • Now editing of existing rules will work again
  • Hosts that have "Agent type" configured to "No agent" and "SNMP" to "SNMP v2 or v3" get have the aux tag snmp-only set
  • Hosts that have "Agent type" configured to "Contact either Check_MK Agent or use datasource program" and "SNMP" to "SNMP v2 or v3" will have the aux tag snmp-tcp set
  • Now the rules mentioned above will match again on these hosts
  • In case you want to clean up the legacy aux tags, you can now try to delete them. The GUI will warn you about all rules referring to them. You'll now have to clean them up.
  • "Legacy: SNMP ..." needs to be converted to "SNMP -> SNMP v2 or v3" and "Agent: No Agent"
  • "Legacy: Dual: ..." needs to be converted to "SNMP -> SNMP v2 or v3" and "Agent: Contact either Check_MK Agent or use datasource program"
  • After cleaning up all refereces, you can delete the legacy tags.