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Werk #6646: CPU utilization per process can be weighted by total CPU number

ComponentChecks & Agents
TitleCPU utilization per process can be weighted by total CPU number
Date2018-10-26 16:07:11
Checkmk EditionCheckmk Raw Edition (CRE)
Checkmk Version1.6.0b1
LevelTrivial Change
ClassBug Fix
CompatibilityCompatible - no manual interaction needed

Processes that where monitored on CPU utilization did not have a consistent behavior. On windows systems 100% CPU utilization implied all cores in the system where at max load. On other systems every core contributed with a 100% at full load, thus the maximum load was N*100%.

This was also inconsistent with the system wide CPU utilization check where, 100% is all cores at full load.

Consistency is brought is this werk, where 100% is all cores at full load by default. For backwards compatibility with previous configurations, where threshold rules were explicitly configured, the old behavior continues to be used until the user explicitly chooses a particular behavior. This will be reminded in the rules overview.

This option is available under CPU rescale maximum load in the process discovery rules and in state and count of processes.