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Werk #7195: Jira: Notification plugin

TitleJira: Notification plugin
Date2019-03-06 20:43:06
Checkmk EditionCheckmk Enterprise Edition (CEE)
Checkmk Version1.6.0b1
LevelProminent Change
ClassNew Feature
CompatibilityCompatible - no manual interaction needed

Check_MK now supports integration with Jira. You can create issues for Host an Service Problems and optional set a resolution on recovery notifications.

In Jira you have to add two custom fields to your project screen as described here.

In Check_MK, under "WATO - Notifications", create a new notification rule and select Jira.

Parameters to set:

  • JIRA URL: The URL to your Jira environment
  • User Name: Jira username
  • Password: Jira password
  • Project ID: The Project ID the issues should be created in
  • Issue type ID: The issue type ID
  • Host custom field ID: The first custom field ID you created in Jira
  • Service custom field ID: The second custom field ID you created in Jira
  • Monitoring URL: URL of your Check_MK environment to create hyperlinks back to Check_MK (eg. https://server/site)
  • Priority ID: The priority ID (optional)
  • Summary for host notifications: The summary the created host issue should use (optional)
  • Summary for service notifications: The summary the created service issue shoud use (optional)
  • Label: Label for Jira issues. If not set, 'monitoring' will be used. (optional)
  • Activate resultion with following resolution transistion ID: If set, the created issue will be resolved with the configured resolution ID (optional)
  • Set optional timeout for connections to JIRA: Timeout in seconds, default is 10 (optional)

You need different Jira IDs to open/resolve issues. There are different ways to get this IDs:

  • Jira_support
  • Retrieve with the a script (example: project_id):
#!/usr/bin/env python

import requests

JIRA_SERVER = "https://jira.server.your-domain.de"

sess = requests.Session()
sess.auth = (USER, PW)
resp = sess.get("%s/rest/api/2/project" % JIRA_SERVER, verify=False)

project_id = [item["id"] for item in resp.json() if item["key"] == PROJECT_KEY][0]

For issuetype and priority ID use:

resp = sess.get("%s/rest/api/2/issuetype" % JIRA_SERVER)
resp = sess.get("%s/rest/api/2/priority" % JIRA_SERVER)

More information about the Jira API can be found here.