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What is Checkmk Cloud?

Checkmk Cloud is the SaaS platform designed for hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring, empowering maintenance-free operations, effortless setup, and seamless cloud-to-edge visibility.

Why try it?

  • Out of the box monitoring – no maintenance required
  • Start monitoring in minutes – fast time to value
  • Always up-to-date Checkmk – no need for manual patches and updates
  • A secure architecture you can trust – TLS & AES-256 encryption

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Checkmk Cloud beta & Security FAQs

We plan on running the Beta until we commercially release the SaaS version of Checkmk Cloud later this year. There are no plans to limit access during this time, and access will remain free of charge. However, we will pause sites every 14 days with the option to manually reactivate it at any time. If your site has been paused, you will see a prompt to reactivate it the next time you log in. There are no limits to how often you can do this. 

Yes, the beta is limited to 5k services. 

No, any configuration or monitoring data created during the beta will be deleted at the end of the beta program. 

No, we do not plan on offering a migration of configuration or monitoring data once Checkmk Cloud launches. 

You can use the Checkmk Cloud Beta to monitor any systems in your infrastructure, but we strongly discourage relying on the beta for any production or critical workflows, since we provide system availability on a best effort basis. 

We provide system availability on a best effort basis. This means that while we strive to maintain the highest possible uptime, we do not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted service. 

We are planning on launching Checkmk Cloud later this year. 

Tenants are separated at multiple levels. We ensure that tenants cannot communicate with each other by using network policies that explicitly forbid such traffic. Furthermore, tenant data is stored on separate volumes that are dedicated to the tenant and bound only to their Checkmk site.

Network traffic between any two points is encrypted with TLS certificates, both externally and internally within our network. We require TLS 1.2 and recommend TLS 1.3 at all times. Data at rest is encrypted using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm.

We are using the principle of least privilege for all our internal access needs, with a focus on limiting any access to the production environment. Access to all our systems is automatically logged within their respective environment and the log data is also shipped to a designated account that only Auditors and Security Engineers can access. Client logs are kept separate from our application logs, within the region, where they can only be accessed with consent from the client during an investigation.

Yes. To prepare for the beta performed a pentest of our infrastructure and our management application. 

We use AWS Cognito to manage identities centrally. The passwords are only stored in Cognito, and we use an authentication app in front of Cognito to host a nicer frontend. The authentication app has been reviewed by security engineers to not log any sensitive information. 

Currently, 12-Chars length with at least one instance of upper case letter, lower case letter, number, special symbol, each. For special characters we allow any valid UTF-8 character, even emoji. We plan to show a password strength meter and check the Have I been Pwned database if the password is known in a breach.