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Last updated: April 4 2019

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Procedures such as starting, restarting or shutting down the device all come under device control. You can give these commands in different ways.

1. Restarting / Shutting down

You can restart or shut down the device over both the web interface and the console.

In the web interface you will find the menu items Restart device and Shut down device under the point Control device in the main menu. The device will execute the action immediately after the command has been selected.

In the console, you can get to the device control menu by pressing <F2>.

You should only shut down your rail2 appliance if you have physical access to the system, since you can only restart the device by disconnecting and restoring the power.

2. Restoring factory configuration

You can reset your device to factory settings. This means that any changes you have made to the device (e.g. your device settings, monitoring configuration or recorded statistics and logs) will be deleted. When resetting the settings, the firmware version currently installed will be kept; the firmware installed when the device was delivered will not be restored.

You can perform this action on the console. To do this, press the key <F2> on the status screen and select Restore factory configuration in dialogue box that follows. Confirm the next dialogue box by clicking on Yes. Your data will now be deleted from the device and the device then restarted immediately. The device will now start with a fresh configuration.