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Last updated: April 4 2019

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It is possible to attach a GSM modem to the device in order to have SMS notifications sent over it by Checkmk (in the event of critical problems for example).

At the moment it is not possible to order a UMTS/GSM modem together with your appliance nor later as an accessory. But there are several modems like the MTD-H5-2.0, which are compatible to the appliance.

1. Starting up the modem

In order to put the modem into operation, you must insert a functioning SIM card, attach the modem to a free USB connector on your appliance using the enclosed USB cable and connect the modem to the mains using the enclosed power adapter.

As soon as this has been done, the device will automatically detect the modem and set it up. Open the web interface of the device and select the module SMS administration. The current state of the modem as well as the connection with the mobile phone network will be displayed on this page.

If you need to enter a PIN to use your SIM card, you can specify this PIN under SMS settings.

2. Diagnostics

If sent messages do not reach you, you can view all sent or non-sent messages and messages awaiting sending on the page SMS administration. The entries in these lists will be kept for a maximum of 30 days and then automatically deleted.

It is possible, via the menu item Send test SMS, to send a test SMS to a number of your choice.

You will find further information on possible SMS sending errors in the SMS log.