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Check-Manual von docker_container_diskstat

Docker: Container Disk Throughput
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPL
Unterstützte Agenten Linux
This check measures the throughput of block devices (disks) of docker containers. You can either have a single check for every single disk or a summary check (which is the default) summing up the throughput of all disks.


Either {"SUMMARY"} for a summarized check of all disks or the name of the disk device, e.g. {"sda"}.


One service is created for each disk if the configuration is set to {"single"}. If the configuration is set to {"summary"} one service is created for each host. If set to {"legacy"} then two services one for read and one for write is created (deprecated). The inventory is configured via {diskstat_inventory_mode}.