Werk #11495: Remove dokuwiki from standard Checkmk packages

Komponente packages
Titel Remove dokuwiki from standard Checkmk packages
Datum 29.09.2020
Checkmk-Editon Checkmk Raw (CRE)
Checkmk-Version 2.0.0i1
Level Bedeutende Änderung
Klasse Neues Feature
Kompatibilität Kompatibel - benötigt kein manuelles Eingreifen

Dokuwiki has been delivered with Checkmk since the introduction of OMD. It has certainly helped some users to quickly create documentation in their monitoring site. But for Checkmk 2.0 we decided to remove Dokuwiki from the standard packages.

The Dokuwiki package causes increased effort and complexity because it has to be maintained by us, including the plugins that have been selected and implemented. The main problem here is: We support different Linux distros in different versions. These platforms provide different PHP versions by default (currently PHP 5.4 to 7). To all these versions we have to keep Dokuwiki and the plugins compatible. Upstream, however, Dokuwiki has removed support for such old PHP versions. This would increase the effort for us significantly if we want to support all platforms equally well.

If you have been using Dokuwiki in a Checkmk site so far, there are ways to do so. Dokuwiki can be installed into the local hierarchy of a site and run from there. You are responsible for the installation and maintenance of the installation yourself. It would even be possible to create an MKP to share the installation with other users.

The Checkmk sidebar snapin "Wiki" has also been removed from Checkmk. If you want to use it, you can find it at "share/doc/check_mk/treasures/wiki_sidebar_snapin.py" in your site. Copy the file to "local/share/check_mk/web/plugins/sidebar/" and restart your site apache to make the snapin available to the GUI.

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