Werk #12173: Fixed service authorization handling

Komponente cmc
Titel Fixed service authorization handling
Datum 29.04.2021
Checkmk-Editon Checkmk Enterprise (CEE)
Checkmk-Version 2.1.0i1 2.0.0p4 1.6.0p24
Level Bedeutende Änderung
Klasse Bugfix
Kompatibilität Kompatibel - benötigt kein manuelles Eingreifen

For some tables ("comments" / "log") and some aggregated columns (like "num_services" or "worst_service_state") in the tables "hosts" / "hostgroups" / "servicegroups", the service authorization was always "loose", regardless of the global setting. As a consequence, some users could see too many comments and log entries, and some aggregated values didn't match what they were seeing elsewhere. This has been fixed.

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