Werk #15262: mk_postgres.py: Improved instance process detection

Komponente Checks & agents
Titel mk_postgres.py: Improved instance process detection
Datum 06.02.2023
Checkmk-Edition Checkmk Raw (CRE)
Checkmk-Version 2.2.0b1 2.1.0p21 2.0.0p34
Level Kleine Änderung
Klasse Bugfix
Kompatibilität Kompatibel - benötigt kein manuelles Eingreifen

This werk affects the monitoring of one or more PostgreSQL instances via the Postgres agent plugin for Linux. The changes to the process filtering introduced in werk #15085 could lead to an empty "postgres_instances" section if the instance name contained capital letters. Now, a case-sensitive filter is applied first, allowing case-insensitive filtering only if no processes could be found. In order to apply this change you will need to reinstall the agent plugin.

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