Check manual page of cisco_mem_asa64

Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances Version 9.x: System Memory
Distribution official part of Check_MK
License GPL
Supported Agents SNMP
This Check does the same as the normal cisco_mem check. The only difference is that this check only monitors the System memory. The reason is a bug in the ASA firmware:

Moreover there are problems with newer ASA version 9.x: from cisco Deprecate 32-bit SNMP OIDs for Memory UtilizationCSCuu46705DescriptionSymptom: Currently the ASA has two ways to check memory via SNMP. can be polled and the OIDs under that will dig into each individual memory pool, including DMA and GLOBAL SHARED but all the counters are 32-bit which means that the information contained in them is wrong for some of the modern ASAs that run with more memory. Also, polling some of these OIDs will cause CPU-hogs on the ASA, as per CSCtx43501. In recent codes, you can poll the CISCO-ENHANCED-MEMPOOL-MIB,, and it will provide overall system memory, but it does so with 64-bit counters as well. This is the only way to get valid memory numbers on platforms with more than 4GB of RAM. Also, polling this MIB has not caused CPU-hogs for the SNMP process. Conditions: ASA 9.x Monitoring memory via SNMP polling 5500-x platform


Memory pool name


One service is created.