Check manual page of fjdarye101_disks_summary

Fujitsu Storage Systems FW 2013: Summarized Status of all Disks
Distribution None
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This check monitors the reported summary status of all installed physical disks in storage systems from Fujitsu which support the FJDARY-E101.MIB. This is an adaption of the corresponding fjdarye60 check.

The check goes CRIT if the current state is not equal the state during discovery; otherwise OK. Moreover you can configure using the device states. In this case the expected state is ignored and the check status will be CRIT if one disk is broken, WARN if one is not available, not supported, readying, recovering, partbroken, spare, notexist or copying, OK otherise.


One summary service is created if at least one disk is found.