Check manual page of fjdarye101_rluns

Fujitsu Storage Systems: RLUNs FW 2013
Distribution None
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This check monitors the state of an RLUN in a storage system from Fujitsu that support the FJDARY-E101-MIB.

Note: Unfortunately the MIB does not provide any information about the exact meanings of the state objects of the RLUNs (hex dumps). Follwing assumptions have been made based on some simple Tests: A0 in byte 4 means "present", 08 in byte 3 means "rebuilding", 07 in byte 3 means "copyback", 41 in byte 3 means "spare is in use" and 00 in byte 3 means "normal state". Please mail me, if you have more profound information...

This is an adaption of the corresponding fjdarye60 check.


The index of the RLUN in the SNMP table (integer). The first RLUN usually has index {1}.


One service is created for each present RLUN.