Check manual page of hp_msa_if

HP MSA 2040: Interface Status, IO and Speed
Distribution official part of Check_MK
License GPL
Supported Agents Hp_Msa
This check monitors the states, I/O operations and speed of the interfaces of HP MSA 2040 storage systems. To make this check work, you have to deploy the corresponding special agent via the rule "Check HP MSA via Web Interface".

This check uses the same functionality as the check if64. Please refer to the manpage of if64 for further documentation.


There are three allowed ways to specify an interface: its index, which simply enumerates the interfaces starting from 1, its description and its alias. Note that the interfaces discovered by this check do not have an alias (the alias is the empty string).


One service is created for each interface that fulfills configurable conditions (rule "Network interface and switch port discovery"). By default, these are interfaces which are currently found {up} and are of type 6, 32, 62, 117, 127, 128, 129, 180, 181, 182, 205 or 229. Note that all interfaces discovered by this check are of type 6. {Grouping:} In some situations, you do not want to monitor a single interface but a group of interfaces that together form a pool. This check supports such pools by defining groups. The data of all members is accumulated and put together in a single grouped interface service.