Check manual page of jolokia_metrics_gc

Java Virtual Machine: Garbage Collection (deprecated)
Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux
This check is depricated and has been replaced by the plugin jolokia_jvm_garbagecollectors which provides the same functionality.

This check monitors the count and assumed time of the garbage collection. It helps to recognize any deviation from the regular behaviour of the garbage collection. Such deviations could be more garbage collection runs per minute or an increase in the time the garbage collection is using per minute.

Since every tomcat instance has a different behaviour there are no default values set to avoid false alarms.

To use this plugin, Jolokia and the agent plugin need to be installed on the monitored server.


The name of the application server instance and name of the garbage collection as sent by the agent.


One service is created for each garbage collector sent by the Jolokia agent.