Check manual page of k8s_replicas

Kubernetes: Replicas
Distribution official part of Check_MK
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Kubernetes
This check and the associated special agent (agent_kubernetes) are deprecated and will be removed in Checkmk version 2.2.0.

Please configure the new special agent using the "Kubernetes" ruleset.

This check monitors the number of replicas in a Kubernetes deployment. The state of the check is dependent on the configuration of the deployment in Kubernetes.

If a deployment is paused or defined with the strategy "Recreate" the check will always return OK. If a deployment uses the strategy "RollingUpdate" the check will return CRIT if the number of ready replicas falls below the maximum unavailable limit or rises above the max surge limit.

The maximum unavailable and maximum surge limits of Kubernetes can be either absolute or in percent. Surge levels in percent are rounded up and unavailable levels are rounded down. Even a definition of mixed levels is possible. If e.g. 10 replicas are expected and max unavailable is 1 and max surge is 25% the check will return CRIT if the number of is below 9 or raises above 13 replicas, respectively.


One service is created.