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Checkmk Conference #7

Make your monitoring futureproof

Americas | June  15-16, 2021
10:00 am– 2.30 pm ET

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The highlight of the year

Join IT admins and DevOps around the world at our annual conference and experience two days packed with expertise and get interesting insights into Checkmk.

  • Dive deep into dashboarding or E2E-monitoring with Checkmk in our extended tech sessions.
  • Get a sneak peek forward to the latest developments and plans around Checkmk - of course directly from the Checkmk team
  • Live interactions and updates about Checkmk roadmap.
CEO Jan Justus speaking at Checkmk Conference #5

Best monitoring solution you can find on the market.

I am always surprised by how easily Checkmk can be used in the day-to-day operation. The administration of hosts is really simple. The standard set of over 1,900 official plug-ins alone is incredibly powerful and a great help to us.

Checkmk Capterra Rating 4.7 out of 5



€899 +VAT

Enjoy full access to a holistic conference experience and benefit from all perks.


  • 2 workshops
  • Tech sessions
  • Presentations
  • Evening event
  • Premium goodie bag


€499 +VAT

Participate in one workshop, and enjoy meaningful input from insightful tech sessions.


  • 1 workshop
  • Tech sessions
  • Presentations
  • Evening event
  • Standard goodie bag


€99 + VAT

Listen & learn, dive into the most recent Checkmk 2.0 developments.


  • Tech sessions
  • Presentations
  • Evening event
  • Basic goodie bag



Stay up-to-date on all new developments around Checkmk.


  • Presentations
  • Evening event
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This schedule follows the North American Eastern Time Zone (ET).

Day 1: June 15, 2021

Tech Session (requires Basic package or higher)

Checkmk 2.0 comes with many new features to build dashboards. Combined with the powerful graphing tools in Checkmk you can visualize the data in your monitoring in manifold ways. In this tech session, you will learn how to build great dashboards and get the most out of Checkmk graphing.

Jan and Mathias will open this year’s conference with an overview of what has been accomplished since the Conference #6 in April 2020. In this opening keynote, you will be informed on how you can actively participate at this conference and give insights into the agenda. They will also discuss the priorities for the next 12 months and our plans for the overall future of Checkmk.

A Checkmk Conference classic: we will fill you in with exciting updates on what has happened around Checkmk since the last conference. Given the recent launch of Checkmk 2.0, this will be focused on its major topics such as User Experience, Automation, Network Monitoring and Performance.

We invite you for a beer or wine as a round-up of the first day of the seventh Checkmk Conference. Typically, we would have enjoyed that together - spending some time with like-minded people is always something, which makes the Checkmk conference special. New times, new solutions - grab your favourite drink and some snacks, enjoy and be part of conversations around how Checkmk evolved, development practices, partnerships, the Checkmk community and where all of this is heading.

Day 2: June 16, 2021

Tech Session (requires Basic package or higher)

In this tech session, Simon Meggle from ELABIT will introduce you to the Checkmk extension Robotmk. Robotmk integrates the results of E2E tests with Robot Framework into the Checkmk monitoring. Robot Framework is by far the most popular and versatile Open Source tool for automated application testing and has a huge and active community worldwide. Outstanding concepts of Robot Framework are its "keyword-driven approach" and its expandability with libraries for any kind of testing technology (GUI, web, APIs, ...).

The advantages of synthetic monitoring and the benefits of an integration of Robot Framework tests into Checkmk will be covered. Besides, Simon will explain the architecture of Robotmk, its installation, configuration and features. He will also give insights into the current state of development and planned implementations to deliver a good overview of the different new monitoring possibilities offered by Robotmk.

Jens Dunkelberg from Abraxas Informatik AG will demonstrate how Robotmk is used as an E2E monitoring solution for the application landscape of the Swiss government.

Let’s dive into the upcoming features of the next Checkmk version and showcase what we have been working on already in 2021 and where this it is leading to. Improving the user experience has already been focused on in the last year and in 2021 we strive to deepen our efforts in this area. Learn about upcoming changes in the user interface, and how we plan to make Checkmk even better to use in the next version.

Cloud monitoring is a long-term hot topic and will continue to increase in importance. It is also one of our core development priorities and we are excited to share with you about all the features coming to Checkmk around cloud monitoring.

Checkmk is already being used by many large companies and we continue to see an increasing demand. Therefore, we plan many improvements around security, automation and performance — the most important areas for enterprise-grade monitoring. In this session, you can learn what we have already built in that area in the last months and what we are planning for our next release.

The number of Kubernetes clusters in production environments are increasing rapidly. We will share with you how we advanced our Kubernetes monitoring itself, but also implemented mechanisms for instant deployment and auto-configuration of Checkmk in Kubernetes. Follow us on our path to a "one-click" monitoring of your Kubernetes clusters.

In a traditional Checkmk conference fashion, we will end the conference with a discussion about our roadmap for the immediate future and next years. This shared roadmap will be our perspective prior to having gained your conference input and having spent two entire days with you. During the conference, we will learn a lot about your priorities, which we will subsequently integrate into our roadmap. In this session, we will provide you with a bigger picture of the overall direction of Checkmk.


All presentations will be streamed live on our website where people can also type in the chat. Polls, Q&As and other interaction options will be done via Slido.

After the digital Conference 2020, we were confident that our Conference #7 could be held on site in Munich again. We would have been more than happy to meet the Checkmk community in person.

Since the online format was very well liked by our attendees last year, we initially planned a hybrid version that would have combined the advantages of both. Unfortunately, the development of the pandemic did not allow for this plan either, so we will continue to hold the conference as an online-only event in 2021.

The timezone of the dates is North American Eastern Time Zone (ET).

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