The New Checkmk Experience

Checkmk 2.0 is almost here. And with it, Checkmk enters the next level.

Get things done easier and faster now

Here are some highlights of what's new in Checkmk 2.0:

  • Easier usability with a new user experience incl. a new navigation, design overhaul, improved dashboards and data visualization
  • Higher performance with a new architecture of the Checkmk Micro Core (CMC) that increases its throughput while reducing its memory and CPU footprint
  • Improved automation capabilities with a REST-API that covers large parts of our current Web-API as well as operations data ('Livestatus')
  • Simpler development and maintenance of check plugins with the new Check-API
  • In-depth visibility into networks with Network Flow Monitoring through an in-depth ntop integration
  • Higher configuration flexibility with expanded use of labels, which are discovered for more systems and can be used to filter views and set notification conditions
  • More insights with advanced forecasting for metrics
  • Improved performance through incremental configuration sync in distributed environments
  • Improved Grafana integration (now also available in the Checkmk Raw Edition)
  • Modern graphs for the Checkmk Raw Edition
  • Entire codebase rewrite, now in Python 3.8
  • And much more....

Try Checkmk 2.0 now

With the Beta Release, you can already get a preview of Checkmk 2.0.
You can download it for all Checkmk Editions. Get a sneak peek at all the new coming versions.

Please keep in mind: The Beta Release is not for use in productive environments.