Our team

Who we are

We are a dynamic and high growth software firm, yet still small and with familiar atmosphere.

With our products we improve the lifes of thousands of administrators and DevOps teams and help to ensure that IT, the modern world‘s backbone, runs reliably and with high performance.

In our company you work with high autonomy and very flat hierarchies. The relationship to our customers is strong and your work has direct positive impact on their workload and the well being of their institutions.

Our offices are centrally located in München-Haidhausen, the 'french quarter' - an area well known for its many small alleys, squares, historical buildings, cultural offers and numerous cafes, bars and restaurants

More than colleagues

When you ask our employees why they love working in our company‚ the familiar atmosphere‘ has a top spot on their list.
Our colleagues like working with each other in teams, many are friends. They go bouldering together or play Factorio. ‚Politics‘ and ‚turf wars‘ do not exist.

This bond also extends to our customer community.
Our annual customer conference feels more like a family or university excursion. We are on a first name basis with our customers, their is mutual appreciation and respect and we like working together.