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Zyxel WLC check collection 20180124.v.0.2a

AuthorTh.L. (thl-cmk[at]outlook[dot]com)
Uploaded2018-01-24 19:33:07
DescriptionCollection of Zyxel WLC checks zyxel_capwap: monitors state of Zyxel WLCs, Perfdata: online/offline/unmanged APs, clients zyxel_foreign_aps: monitors state of foreign APs, Perfdata: unclassified/rogue/friendly APs zyxel_walncontrolleraptable: one check for each AP, Perfdata: tx/rx frames, clients zyxel_cpu: monitors cpu usage, Perfdata: cpu usage zyxel_mem: monitors memory usage, Perfdata: mem usage zyxel_flash: monitors flash usage, Perfdata: flash usage snmp_zyxel_common: inventory of product, serial and model snmp_info: updated to check for already set product in inventory Tested with NXC2500 and GS1900-8HP (inventory only).
Minimal Version1.2.8b8
Packet with1.2.8b8
File size9.24kB
  • checks/zyxel_capwap
  • checks/zyxel_wlancontrolleraptable
  • checks/zyxel_cpu
  • checks/zyxel_mem
  • checks/zyxel_flash
  • checks/zyxel_foreign_aps
  • inventory/snmp_info
  • inventory/snmp_zyxel_common
  • web/plugins/metrics/zyxel_wlc.py
  • web/plugins/wato/zyxel_foreign_aps.py
  • web/plugins/wato/zyxel_cpu.py
  • web/plugins/wato/zyxel_flash.py
  • web/plugins/wato/zyxel_mem.py
Checksum (MD5)e428b85908f592294f174bd01f4cdadd