Everything monitored

Understand and monitor any complex IT infrastructure.
Fast. Effective.

Checkmk provides an integrated view across your networks, servers, clouds, containers and applications.
Bringing Ops and DevOps together.

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Resolve issues faster

Dynamic Dashboards

Flexible, real-time dashboards of your IT

Powerful Visualizations

Interactive and dynamic visualization options

Infrastructure monitoring

Hosts and services overviews that enable fast drill downs

Log and event monitoring

Efficient processing and analysis of logs

Availability and SLA reporting

Precise availability and SLA fulfillment reporting

Notifications and alerts

Advanced notification system with many integrations

Automatic configuration

Modern efficient and automatic configuration system

icon.pngNew VERSION

Checkmk 2.0 Beta has started

Checkmk 2.0 comes with a complete new, intuitive user interface with simpler workflows and many new powerful features for network flow monitoring and more.

Learn more about Checkmk 2.0
Network Flow


Deploy in minutes

From 0 to Monitoring in <10 min

CheckFast installation from a single package, available for many platforms
CheckIdentification of more than 90% of devices and services via auto-discovery
CheckIntelligent alarms with pre-set thresholds based on industry expert know-how


With unlimited scale

Hundred thousands of hosts

CheckPossibility to monitor several hundred thousand services from one instance
CheckDistributed architecture with up to several hundred instances
CheckMinimal hardware requirements on server and client-side


Highly automated

Let Checkmk do the work for you

CheckAuto-discovery, auto-configuration and automated agent updates
CheckAutomated monitoring for dynamic ephemeral infrastructures
CheckPowerful API enabling integrations with other ITOM/ITSM systems
Checkmk Guide

Our philosophy

With Checkmk monitoring is where you start.

Our lively open community is focused on sharing monitoring knowledge and best practices. Together we combine the deep-know of our users in their domains with our creativity to build the best solution for monitoring IT.

We believe in the best-of-breed tools approach — choose the right tool for your needs. Thus, we build strong integrations with other tools to put our world-class monitoring solution at the core of solving business problems.

Checkmk is the fastest route to monitoring your complex and hybrid IT infrastructure.