Enterprise Edition

A powerful and comprehensive IT monitoring system for monitoring of servers, network, applications, clouds, microservices and more.
With enterprise-grade support and unlimited scalability.

Automate your monitoring

No more hassle when configuring your monitoring thanks to auto-discovery, auto-configuration, built-in agent management and powerful APIs.

Future-ready hybrid monitoring

Monitor any environment — Checkmk is multi-cloud ready, supports monitoring for dynamic container environments and excels in on-premises networks.

Limitless monitoring

Monitor hundred thousands of hosts in even the most distributed environments with the high-performance core of Checkmk & its distributed architecture.

Included features

  • Fully automated monitoring through APIs, auto-discovery, and auto-configuration of plug-ins to save precious operator time
  • From zero-to-monitoring in minutes to maximize time to value
  • Broadest coverage of vendor-maintained plugins (>1,800)
  • Scalable monitoring with a distributed architecture
  • Tags and labels to provide relevant context on which to filter
  • Data visualization in modern customizable dashboards
  • Fast problem identification and root cause analysis
  • Smart and granular alerting to help avoid notification overload
  • Bridging the gap between DevOps and Ops teams via Checkmk-Prometheus integration (Beta)
  • Advanced analytics to predict trends and resource utilization
  • Integrations with major ITOM/ITSM tools for seamless workflows
  • Supporting business leaders by modeling business process health
  • High availability with Checkmk's virtual and physical appliances
  • Data protection through enterprise grade security
  • Low Total cost of Ownership (TCO) due to fair prices, broad automation, small footprint and fast deployment

Checkmk Enterprise Editions


For free

Try the power of the Enterprise Edition in a small environment

For up to 10 hosts

  • Ultra-High Performance Core
  • Community Support


From €600 per year

Take the hassle out of monitoring with enterprise-ready monitoring

All features of the Free Edition +

  • No limitations
  • Distributed Monitoring
  • Enterprise-grade support

Managed Services

From €1,200 per year

Provide first class monitoring to your customers

All features of Standard +

  • Advanced instance mgmt.
  • Cross-customer dashboards
  • Strict data segregation
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Yes. You are completely free as to the number of Checkmk instances used for configuring your monitoring. Only the total number of monitored services determines the subscription size.

Yes. The Checkmk Enterprise - Standard Edition has basically no limit in how many servers you can monitor. And the pricing is not based on the number of servers you monitor. Rather the total number of monitored services is used to determine your subscription size. Find out more about in our pricing.

No. The price is determined solely by the total number of monitored services.

For a typical data center you can expect to have around 30-70 services per host. But naturally it makes a difference if you, e.g. monitor a switch only with PING, or a data base server with 50 Oracle instances.

The number of productive monitored services is relevant for the necessary subscription level. This number can be found at top left in the Checkmk interface's Tactical Overview. If it is the case that you operate Checkmk redundantly in an HA-cluster, the services will not be doubly counted. Pure test systems for trialling Checkmk versions, etc., are also not counted. If multiple Checkmk instances are in use, then the sum of the services over all of the instances in your business is the relevant number. Standalone or single HA-Cluster: In your monitoring site, under the host on which your site is running, you can find a service 'OMD MYSITE performance', which has a graph tracking the number of monitored hosts and services. Alternatively, you can search for 'OMD' in the quicksearch to find this service. If the agent on the Checkmk server is older than version 1.2.8. the history of the number of services has to be assumed from the "Check Performance" graph. Distributed Monitoring: The graph already mentioned is available for each site. You can add these graphs to a shared, custom graph to get the total number of services over all sites, and then summarize these.

No, you can use the Checkmk Enterprise Free Edition for as long as you want.

Yes, you can safely upgrade from the Free Edition to the Standard and Managed Services Edition at any time, without losing your previous configuration setup.

Please have a look at this comparison table to see differences between all Checkmk versions that are currently available.

When do I need the license option 'Managed Services Use'? You need the license option "Managed Services Use" whenever you monitor IT infrastructure that you operate for or provide to a "third party". A "third party" is a company that is not legally part of your company, i.e. this third party is not an affiliated company, your company does not hold a majority share or other similar interests in this third party. The third party is simply 'a customer'. It is irrelevant whether the third party itself uses the software or whether you use it only internally, for example, to ensure your own service level agreements towards this customer. It is also irrelevant who owns the infrastructure and whether this infrastructure is located in your data center or in that of your customer. Typical examples: - You use Checkmk to monitor physical or virtual infrastructure that you make available to a Managed Services customer for exclusive use (e.g. provision of virtual machines or hosting physical servers) - You use Checkmk to monitor physical or virtual infrastructure that you operate for a specific Managed Services customer of yours (e.g. as part of a broader Managed Services agreement). The license option 'Managed Services Use’ is not required if you only provide your customers with services (e.g. SaaS, email, databases or online shops), but no infrastructure for them to use exclusively. A special feature of the Managed Services license is the purely passive right of use for the Managed Services customer. This means that your Managed Services customer may only have read access to the web interface to retrieve information and/or reports and set maintenance periods. Your Managed Services customer is not entitled to active use, especially in the form of own configuration changes. If this is intended, this customer would require their own separate Checkmk subscription. The Managed Services Usage license option always includes the possibility of using the software as a group. This is already included for customers with the subscription 'Checkmk Enterprise Managed Services Edition' Checkmk Enterprise Managed Services Edition and must only be purchased separately for the Checkmk Enterprise Standard Edition. Conversely, the Group Use license option always includes the possibility of using the software as a managed service provider.

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