Best of both worlds. For sure.
Better hybrid infrastructure monitoring with Checkmk 2.1

With Checkmk 2.1, we are laying the foundation for hybrid IT infrastructure monitoring at its best. It brings everything for the monitoring of traditional IT infrastructures but also of modern, cloud-native IT assets.

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Kubernetes monitoring

Finally, light in the dark.
Get actionable insights into your Kubernetes cluster fast.

Checkmk kubernetes dashboard

Performance and health metrics in a snap

  • Stop writing complicated queries to get the most relevant metrics. Extensive Kubernetes expertise not required.
  • Detect CPU and memory bottlenecks, imbalances, and heavy consumers.
  • Monitor the health of pods, deployments, statefulsets, and daemonsets to detect if an application is not scaled or not running properly.

Deep insights into your Kubernetes nodes

  • Monitor your nodes holistically to detect not only issues caused by Kubernetes, but also other components running on nodes (e.g., zombie processes from buggy applications).
  • Monitor CPU, memory, filesystems, disk IO, Kernel performance, and threads.
Kubernetes node services in Checkmk

Intelligent alerts and easy root-cause analysis

Checkmk kubernetes alert

Reliable alerting for real problems

  • Checkmk provides all information to observe your Kubernetes cluster. Alerts only on actual issues.
  • Kubernetes operations know-how is built-in. Checkmk gives Kubernetes time to fix itself.
  • Discover the root cause of issues thanks to context information visible inside Checkmk.

Quickly customize alerts to your needs

  • Each object comes by default with one primary alerting mechanism that you can easily customize.
  • Add/adjust alerting for almost all aspects of your cluster. Effortless and flexible (e.g., alerting on CPU usage, or in relation to limits or requests).
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Don’t miss anything with comprehensive dashboards that give you insight into all your Kubernetes clusters

Checkmk handles the complexity of Kubernetes for you. Seamlessly navigate through your cluster with interconnected context-sensitive dashboards.

Kubernetes deployment dashboard in Checkmk

No need to configure anything yourself. Off-the-shelf dashboards with relevant metrics get you ready to observe your Kubernetes cluster and have everything in a single pane.

Watch the Kubernetes monitoring tutorial


Check more. Understand faster.
Accelerated performance, especially for large environments.

  • Activate changes to your configuration even faster with a redesigned configuration core concept.
  • Get things done quicker with a faster UI in the setup menu (e.g., folder navigation, search in setup, ruleset navigation).

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Faster Checkmk graphic
integrations graphic

One machine. Infinite connections.
Fire up the engine of your open observability ecosystem.

  • New InfluxDB connector for exporting metrics to InfluxDB 2.0
    • Export data from Checkmk to InfluxDB
    • Improved configuration overview of connections
    • Add rules for your services and send service states as metrics
  • Display Checkmk data and time series with the improved Grafana connector
    • Improved architecture and usability with intuitive filtering
    • Easy query configuration and improved guidance in the process

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New possibilities for data visualization with new dashlets and predefined dashboards

Intuitive dashboards for Linux and Windows monitoring, ready for you in just a few clicks. Save your team time in sifting through metrics, as the predefined dashboards already display the most relevant to you.

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Checkmk agent

Safer than ever. Never set it up faster.
Security upgrade for the Checkmk agent.

With its new architecture, the Checkmk agent now uses TLS encryption without a complicated setup.

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Security graphics

One more thing. Is not enough.
UX improvements. 2FA. Native agent encryption.

Increase security with two-factor authentication via FIDO2/WebAuthn

You can use authenticators such as the YubiKey, a USB token, a smartphone, Apple’s Touch ID, and Windows Hello.

Single sign-on to Checkmk via SAML

Official support for AD Federation Service, Azure AD and NetIQ Access Manager as identity providers.
Flexibility to integrate most identity providers supporting SAML.

Easier security configuration for the Notification Spooler

Simpler set-up of secure communications for the notification spooler (mknotifyd) through native encryption support.

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UX refinements in the discovery, activate changes, rules pages and many more. Watch this video to see them in action.

Checkmk rest-api configuration

Extended REST-API scope to handle rules and various REST-API performances and usability improvements.

Watch the Video Tutorials:

Monitoring Kubernetes with Checkmk

Detecting issues and configuring alerts for Kubernetes clusters

Detecting issues and configuring alerts for Kubernetes clusters

New agent architecture in Checkmk 2.1

New agent architecture in Checkmk 2.1

New UX and security improvements in Checkmk 2.1

New UX and security improvements in Checkmk 2.1

Working with InfluxDB integration in Checkmk

Working with InfluxDB integration in Checkmk

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