Checkmk MSP

Checkmk MSP is the monitoring platform for IT service providers, designed for highly scalable and flexible monitoring of applications, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures. Ensure smooth IT operations for your clients, thanks to powerful automation, centralized management, strict data protection, and many more features.

Customer dashboard of Checkmk MSP

Easy setup

Auto-discover all IT components, including relevant metrics and thresholds for notifications. Set up monitoring for your clients in no time, thanks to rapid deployment, via automations or as a pre-configured appliance.

Scalable monitoring

Flexibly adapt to dynamic client infrastructures and scale as needed. Connect hundreds of remote instances to your central Checkmk site, scaling your monitoring services with growing demands.

Highly automated

With auto-registration of hosts, central management of the entire monitoring, and REST API for automating monitoring processes and configurations, Checkmk MSP reduces administrative effort, even in complex environments.

Monitoring as flexible as your clients' IT

Over 2,000 vendor-maintained monitoring plugins ensure that Checkmk MSP seamlessly covers your clients' IT infrastructures. Whether on-premises, containerized, or cloud-native workloads – Checkmk provides insights and transparency for every IT stack. 

Flexible Monitoring
Centralized Management

Centralized management, local monitoring

The distributed monitoring architecture of Checkmk MSP allows service providers to set up monitoring for clients via remote instances. This provides you with benefits such as:

  • configuration and management of remote sites via a centralized web interface
  • autonomous monitoring in the local client infrastructure
  • no constant data connection to the central MSP instance required
  • on-site data storage prevents data loss in case of connection failure

Strict data protection guaranteed

Checkmk MSP ensures the highest level of data protection by strictly separating your clients' data from one another. This complies with the strictest data protection policies and standards. You deploy individual configuration packages for remote instances directly through the central MSP instance, to which only you have access. As a result, Checkmk MSP ensures that:

  • no third-party data reaches client systems
  • clients have access to their own local data when necessary
Data Protection
Highly Automated Monitoring

Highly automated monitoring at scale

Checkmk MSP facilitates your daily work thanks to its various task automations:

  • REST API for the automation of monitoring configurations and processes
  • auto-discovery of hosts and services
  • auto-registration of hosts
  • centralized agent management including automatic updates
  • host lifecycle management

Thanks to the implemented automation functions, Checkmk MSP optimizes your monitoring, reduces manual effort, and allows for a focused use of your resources.

Designed for dynamic infrastructures

The monitoring agents of Checkmk are designed to meet the requirements of your clients’ dynamic cloud infrastructures. With the push mode of the agents, you benefit from TLS-encrypted communication to the Checkmk server, autonomous data transmission to the central instance, and simplified onboarding of clients with smaller environments, without the need for a remote site.

The auto-registration simplifies adding new hosts to the client's infrastructure by:

  • automatically adding hosts
  • automatically detecting services on these hosts
  • adding or removing cloud objects to keep the monitoring up-to-date
Dynamic Infrastructures
MSP-specific reporting

MSP-specific reporting

Create automated or on-demand PDF reports in your corporate design and report to your customers about:

  • the performance of the systems you monitor
  • availability information and compliance with SLAs
  • the services rendered

Reporting with Checkmk MSP not only increases transparency for your customers, but also supports you in monitoring complex SLAs.

Everything visible in flexible dashboards

Always keep an overview of your monitoring service. The dashboards in Checkmk MSP offer:

  • an overview of all your customers and their hosts
  • the status of each customer site
  • the ability to flexibly adjust dashboards
  • creation of individual dashboards for customers

Not only your customers benefit from the flexible and powerful dashboards in Checkmk, but also your own employees to easily visualize any information.


Targeted and granular alerts

With Checkmk MSP, you centrally manage alerts and are able to:

  • inform yourself or your customers via email or SMS
  • integrate notifications into established ITSM and ITOM solutions
  • thanks to rule-based notifications, easily map complex requirements regarding time windows, service levels, etc.
  • set exceptions for different situations
  • automatically trigger actions in response to detected issues

More than monitoring

Build trust with your customers and foster loyalty:

  • utilize the forecasting and analysis features
  • expand your service offering with capacity management
  • analyze the resource usage of your customers, identifying in advance where bottlenecks will occur and which areas should be prioritized for modernization
More Than Monitoring


Hosts have approximately 30 services each, on average. However, a database host or a core switch may have a much larger number of services. A service may be anything – for example, a file system, a hardware sensor, or a switch port – but it may also just be a specific metric, such as CPU usage. Check out our service calculator.

We believe that services are the fairest metric to calculate pricing: a Wi-Fi access point has far fewer aspects requiring monitoring than, say, a database server. So it should also cost less to monitor.

You can use your license in as many sites as you want, as long as the total number of services monitored remains within your subscription limits.

The number of services shown in licensing is the sum of all services minus the number of all shadow or excluded services.

No, there are no ‘hard limits’ built into our license management. An expired license will not affect your current monitoring configuration. However, 60 days after license expiry, while you can continue monitoring, you no longer will be able to activate changes.

There are no pop-ups or other messaging built into Checkmk that will alert you or stop you from monitoring more services than included in your subscription. However, if you do exceed your subscription, you will be required to retroactively adjust your subscription at the time of renewal, resulting in additional charges. You can always keep track of the number of services you are monitoring at Setup > Maintenance > Licensing > License usage.

Your monitoring will always stay intact, even if you keep a site running past your subscription expiration date. However, 60 days past your expiration date, you will no longer be able to activate any changes. 

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