Cloud monitoring for public, private and hybrid clouds

A state-of-the-art, multi-cloud monitoring solution to help you track your cloud infrastructure to avoid costly downtimes, bottlenecks, and improve its performance.

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  • Intelligently monitor all your cloud applications and infrastructure
  • Monitor and maintain the health and reliability of your cloud workloads
  • Optimize your cloud performance
  • Auto-detect cloud components and remain up to date about every change in your cloud environment
  • Detect issues with 3rd party services, load-balancers or disconnected hosts
  • Monitor cloud instances to gain in-depth visibility into resource usage at both the operating system level and the application level

Supported cloud platforms and vendors

Logos of GCP, Azure and AWS

Checkmk as a state-of-the-art cloud monitoring platform

Checkmk offers IT administrators the ability to monitor the cloud infrastructure of their choice, whether it is a private, public or hybrid cloud.

Analyze hundreds of system and infrastructure parameters to keep optimal efficiency of your cloud applications and resources. With Checkmk, nodes, servers, hosts, virtual networks, and databases are all easily monitored.

Lift & Shift or advanced use cases: we got you covered

Illustration showing Checkmk as hybrid monitoring platform

Whether you need to simply replicate your on-premises network to a cloud or you are a cloud-native, Checkmk has what you need. Lifting & Shifting your way into the cloud means replicating local structures on cloud services that can then be easily monitored by Checkmk.

  • A ready-to-monitor tool for hybrid infrastructures
  • Seamless integration to monitor any advanced use cases, like serverless functions, load balancers, container orchestration, managed databases and more
  • Cloud-ready monitoring agents to follow the ephemeral structures in cloud environments
  • Push mode that securely sends monitoring data to the Checkmk server
  • Monitor a cloud’s health and costs
Dynamic alerting

Monitor, query and receive alerts on metrics and errors for specific cloud services – including those based in multiple regions and/or timezones.

IT budget monitoring

Stay on top of your IT spending by keeping an eye on your cloud infrastructure's costs and the services that you are using.

Unified insights

Use highly customizable dashboards to monitor alerts, track events and visualize consolidated performance metrics.

AWS Monitoring

Easily interface with AWS, whether you have a public, private and/or hybrid enterprise cloud ecosystem.

Checkmk supports the common AWS services such as EC2, S3, RDS and plenty of others. It also includes monitoring of managed services like Lambda, ECS, EKS for a complete AWS monitoring solution.

  • Gain insights into availability and workloads on a variety of AWS services
  • Keep an eye on everything going on in your AWS cloud with the help of dashboards
  • Granular detection of issues and in-depth root-cause analysis
Screenshot of the built-in AWS EC2 dashboard in Checkmk

AWS services currently supported by Checkmk:

AWS EC2 icon AWS EBS icon AWS S3 icon AWS Glacier icon AWS ElastiCache icon AWS ELB icon AWS Network ELB icon AWS Lambda icon AWS RDS icon AWS CloudFront icon AWS ECS icon AWS EKS icon AWS SNS icon AWS CloudWatch icon AWS Cost and Usage icon AWS DynamoDB icon AWS Route53 icon AWS WAF icon
Azure storage dashboard

Azure Monitoring

Azure is supported by Checkmk in its most common services, including VMs, Blob Storage, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, and load balancers.

Keep track of the health and usage details of your Azure cloud with out-of-the-box dashboards.

  • Identify services that perform suboptimally
  • Receive alerts when Azure workloads are failing
  • Visualize performance metrics across your entire Azure environment

Azure services currently supported by Checkmk:

Azure VM icon Azure RSV icon Azure Blob Storage iconAzure Storage Accounts iconAKS icon Azure Resource Health icon Azure status icon Azure Load Balancer icon Azure MySQL icon Azure PostgreSQL icon Azure VPN Gateway icon Azure Traffic Manager Azure App Gateway icon Azure App Registrations icon Azure AD Connect icon

GCP Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor a large set of GCP services with Checkmk 2.2.

Whether you are integrating GCP into your multi-cloud environment or switching to it entirely, Checkmk helps you achieve an optimal GCP setup.

  • Keep an eye on storage usage and its performance
  • Easily keep costs and health under control
  • Smoothly monitor complex cloud functions
GCP GCE dashboard

GCP services currently supported by Checkmk:

GCP Compute Engine icon GCP Cloud Storage icon GCP Filestore icon GCP Cloud Run icon  GCP Memorystore icon GCP LB icon GCP Cloud SQL icon GKE icon GCP Functions icon

A cloud-ready monitoring tool

Wherever you want to run your IT, be it in your data center, in the cloud or even both, Checkmk is a state-of-the-art software with many features that allow you to stay in control no matter what.

  • Pre-configured Azure and AWS images for secure usage, ready in minutes
  • Deployment of your monitoring in the cloud via marketplaces
  • Auto-registration of hosts and services
  • Host lifecycle management to keep track of any dynamic environments

Available on:

Logos of Azure Cloud and AWS

With Checkmk we have visibility and insight into the systems and applications that power our business. We know the lifecycle and usage patterns of our systems thanks to Checkmk and this is really a powerful feature when making important business decisions regarding these systems.

We do not have to guess, it is a matter of pulling up the right view or generating the report and looking at the details.

Trusted by global brands and local organizations worldwide

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