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Monitor everything

Monitor your infrastructure out-of- the-box with our leading library of more than 2,000 vendor-maintained monitoring plug-ins

Highly automated

Highly automated

Auto-registration of workloads, auto-discovery of services, and configuration via a modern REST API take manual work off your hands

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Reduce MTTR

Combine metrics and log data for fast problem identification and root cause analysis. Assess the health of the systems across multiple graphs at a glance

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Monitor hundreds of thousands of hosts and millions of services across the globe, thanks to a high-performance distributed architecture

Flexible deployment

Enjoy maximum flexibility in deploying Checkmk on a native Linux server, on a VM, as a container image, or directly from AWS and Azure marketplaces

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Easily extensible

Customize and extend the Checkmk to suit your needs. Use the Check-API to write your own monitoring plug-ins or extend existing ones for full visibility

Smart alerts

Smart alerts

Configure granular alerts and automate issue escalation, automatically creating tickets in ITSM systems and notifying only to the responsible team

Visualize your IT

Track key metrics for servers, clouds, Kubernetes clusters, and many more monitored objects, on out-of-the-box or customized dashboards

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Dynamic dashboards

Flexible, real-time dashboards

Powerful visualizations

Interactive and dynamic visualization options

Infrastructure monitoring

Hosts and Services overviews that enable fast drill downs

Log and event monitoring

Efficient processing and analysis of logs

Availability and SLA reporting

Precise availability and SLA fulfillment reporting

Notifications and alerts

Advanced notification system with many integrations

Simple, flexible configuration

Modern, efficient and automatic configuration system

Elevate your business results with Checkmk
Improved IT operations efficiency

Streamline monitoring thanks to automation reducing manual tasks

Unmatched ROI

Avoid hidden expenses with Checkmk's transparent pricing and competitive pay-per-monitored-service model

Enterprise-grade security

2FA, SSO, encryption and many more safeguards for secure operations

Tool consolidation

One platform for all your data center and cloud IT infrastructure monitoring

G2 Review

Checkmk is initially easy to set up and later powerful to use. There are tons of possibilities to enhance and optimize the tool to fit your needs.

Rasmus P. Senior System Analyst

G2 Review

A leading IT infrastructure monitoring system which helps your business easily manage servers, keep track of your applications and monitor cloud infrastructure.

Sarah J. Management Consultant

G2 Review

Checkmk has very well-organized and easy-to-follow dashboards that display real-time data from various IT infrastructure. It’s transformed our business operations.

Jade J. Operational Risk Consultant

G2 Review

A low-cost and extremely well-performing monitoring tool with good support from both the developers and the product community as well. 

Peter L. Principal System Engineer

G2 Review

I sleep well knowing that if there is an issue, Checkmk will find it before users start complaining. Compared to other IT monitoring solutions, Checkmk is the most efficient platform.

George P. Lead Technical Support Engineer

Checkmk Trial FAQs

Trials of Checkmk are now easier than ever - simply download the latest build of the Checkmk Cloud Edition and start using it. The Checkmk Cloud Edition includes all features of the Enterprise Edition. Features that are exclusive to the Cloud Edition (e.g., cloud dashboards, push agent, etc.) are marked as such in the GUI, so you won’t risk testing anything that won’t be available later on.

The trial expires after 30 days, at which point your site can either be licensed as a paid subscription, or you can continue using it for free for as long as you want. In the free state, your site will be limited to 750 services and one site.

To purchase a Checkmk license, you can either purchase online or request a quote.

The easiest way to get started with a POC is to simply install the Cloud Edition, create a new site and use the 30-day trial period. If you need more than 30 days to build your POC, please contact our sales team who will be able to issue a POC license,

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