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We want you to choose the best architecture. That's why we don't charge for things like distributed monitoring

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Support tiers

Pro Advanced
Unlimited tickets
Support contacts 3 7
Interactive ticket system
Support availability 8 hours x 5 days 10 hours x 5 days
Support hours 9am - 5pm CET or
9am - 5pm ET
8am - 6pm CET or
8am - 6pm ET
Response time    
Critical (L1) best effort 4 hours
Significant (L2) best effort 8 hours
Limited (L3) best effort next business day
Minimal (L4) best effort 2 business days
Access to Consulting  

What I like best is the enormous amount of systems and services it can monitor "out of the box". I almost haven't found a thing I can't monitor. Also, the fact that almost everything is detected automatically makes it very easy to use and set up.

And if I do run into an issue just contact the Checkmk staff. My experience is that they respond quickly and help get the issue resolved.


No, Pro Support and Advanced Support do not have a ticket limit.

The definition of the priority levels can be found in this knowledge base article.

  • Level 1: Critical business impact
  • Level 2: Significant business impact
  • Level 3: Limited business impact
  • Level 4: Minimal business impact

To be able to solve your issues efficiently and ensure a transparent process, we use a ticketing system deeply integrated into our development processes.

Your support contacts will get access to the support portal and can request tickets there and communicate using it.

Our support techs speak English and German. You can raise tickets in these languages as well.