IoT Monitoring with Checkmk

Monitor all major hazards in your IT rooms and data centers and understand the current state of your smart building, smart energy systems, IoT devices and much more.

environement monitoring with checkmk
  •  Measure both internal and external environmental values

  •  Monitor fluctuations in temperature, humidity and power outages

  • IoT device monitoring ensures overview of all components

  •  Configure alerts & get notified when something goes wrong

  •  Deliver higher IT availability and better cost effectiveness

Some of the vendors we support

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Water Port 1 - High Critical
Air Humidity - 55%
CPU utilization - 8%
Temperature Sensor 2 - 27C
Uptime - Up since 04 Aug 2019
IN Voltage 1 - in voltage 13.3V
Filesystem - 91.0% used
Temperature Ambient - 21C
Temp. Port 9 - 45.2 C
Smoke Port 5 - High Critical
Memory used - 0.03 GB used
Interface 2 - Up
CPU utilization - 40% utilization
Power Supply - Normal
Interface 001 - Up
Interface Uplink-Rack 18 - Down
Panel Door - Door is open
Temperature Sensor 1 - 31.2 C
Uptime - Up since 03 Jun 2019

What IoT environment monitoring is possible with Checkmk?

Temperature gauge


Measure the heat generated by equipment and your A/C units' intake & discharge vents efficiency

Water drops


Protect electronic components from corrosion or other issues such as static electricity

Airflow sign


Make sure that air is flowing through the racks, in addition to monitoring your A/C units

Water indicator


Monitor for leaks inside cooling systems, from nearby pipes or air conditioning condensation trays

Voltage sign


Identify the frequency of brownouts to measure your UPS devices' and service provider's performance

Power button


Monitor incoming power into your data center and set up an orderly shutdown in case of an outage



Connect your smoke alarms with Checkmk to extend reach and protect sensitive server equipment



Set up alerts for weekdays & weekend operations, work hours & overnights to detect unusual activity

Supported vendors

ACMEAKCPALLNETAPCAVTECHBachmannbetter networksBoschCARELClimavenetaDidactumEatonEMERSONEMKAEpsonGEISTHPEHW groupInfratec PlusInterseptor ProKentixKnuerrMay KGNetwork Technologies Inc.ORIONPalo Alto NetworksPAPOUCHRaritanRittalSensatronicsSTULZTinkerforgeWagner GroupWiesemann & Theis

We are monitoring IT infrastructure from UPSs over servers, hypervisors, network, SAN and NAS storage up to the operating systems and databases as well as SAP for over 80 customers with Checkmk and have made excellent experiences with the tool, the technical support and also the user community.

Trusted by global brands and local organizations worldwide

  • Adobe
  • Cisco
  • Fujitsu
  • Siemens
  • Volkswagen
  • University of Texas
  • Zalando
  • BNP Paribas
  • Fitbit
  • HP

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