Brand Assets

Here are a set of general guidelines for using our brand assets.
Before you download any of our resources, please take a couple of moments to familiarize yourself with them.

Product name

Our product’s name is “Checkmk” (previously written as Check_MK) in one word.
In visual assets (logos, banners, etc.), we spell it all in lowercase.
In sentences please use “Checkmk” with a capital C.


By downloading our logos you agree to use them ‘as is’ and not edit, change or otherwise manipulate them in ways that contradict the brand guidelines outlined on this page.

The official Checkmk logo is:


For darker backgrounds we use 2 variations:


Download logos: here


In certain situations (e.g. viewing a website page on mobile) the Checkmk logo can be represented only as the graphical part of the logo (the hexagon with the transparent arrow inside).

Checkmk Icon
Checkmk Icon
Checkmk Icon


Checkmk uses green, graphite and white as its brand colors. The colors codes for green and graphite are highlighted below:

Pantone 3395 C
CMYK 68 / 00 / 63 / 00
RGB 21 / 209 / 160
HEX #15D1A0
Pantone 432 C
CMYK 25 / 00 / 00 / 90
RGB 44 / 56 / 67
HEX #2c3843


  • Contact us with any questions or special requests that you may have about our brand assets
  • Use any of the assets as they have been provided on this page
  • Provide plenty of space around the Checkmk logo


  • Alter any of the downloaded files in any way
  • Use color codes, other than those mentioned above, for displaying the Checkmk logo
  • Use these graphics as part of your own product, business, or service’s name
  • Place the Checkmk logo on any physical item (pens, mugs, notebooks, badges etc.) without prior written consent from the company which develops and maintains Checkmk, Checkmk GmbH
  • Combine these assets with any other graphics without prior written consent from Checkmk GmbH
  • Use of an old versions of the Checkmk logo:
Checkmk Old Logo
Checkmk Old Logo