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  • Run Checkmk in the Cloud
    • Checkmk as Marketplace offering for AWS and Azure
    • Auto-registration for new hosts
    • Checkmk agent supports a push mode, allowing hosts to push data to a Checkmk instance running in the cloud
    • Lifecycle management for ephemeral hosts
    • Backup Checkmk to AWS S3 storage and Azure blob storage
  • Out-of-the-box Cloud Dashboards
    • AWS EC2 instances dashboard
    • AWS S3 dashboard
    • Azure VM instances dashboard
    • Azure Storage accounts dashboard
    • GCP CE instances dashboard
    • GCP Storage buckets dashboard
  • Additional Cloud Checks - AWS
    • AWS Status
    • ECS
    • Lambda
    • Route 53
    • ElastiCache for Redis
    • SNS
    • CloudFront
  • Additional Cloud Checks - Azure
    • Azure Status
    • Load Balancer
    • Database for MySQL
    • Database for PostgreSQL
    • Traffic Manager
    • App registration
    • Network gateway
    • Azure VM (significantly improved)
    • Application gateway
    • Recovery service vaults
  • Added support to monitor Google Cloud Platform
    • GCP Status
    • Compute Engine
    • Storage
    • Filestore
    • SQL
    • Load balancer
    • Service Health
    • Costs
    • Memorystore for Redis
    • Functions
    • Runs
  • User Interface Improvements
    • Integrated SAML support
    • Host and service labels filters using AND/OR/NOT boolean logic
    • Frozen BI Aggregations - Save and compare against the live version
    • Combine inventory tables with service data into one unified view
    • Regular expressions in “joined columns” of host and inventory views
    • Share views, dashboards and reports filtered by sites
    • Export/import views, dashboards and reports for exchange with other sites
  • Grafana and InfluxDB Integration
    • Support for variables as fixed or dynamic list to switch between objects to display (WIP in parallel to the Checkmk 2.2.0 release)
    • Grafana Plugin is now additionally available from the Grafana Plugin Store and therefore can be used from Grafana Cloud
    • Improved integration with InfluxDB with batching and compressing transferred data
  • Other Checkmk Enhancements
    • MS Teams as notification target
    • Checkmk’s MKP management supports multiple versions of MKPs
    • Configure generic Checkmk agents for any folder
    • Make Checkmk agent package compression optional
    • Select OS target platform for Agent Bakery
    • Improved performance in LDAP integration for a larger multiserver ActiveDirectory setups
    • Sidebar element “Site status” - Allow selecting/deselecting all sites
  • New Checks and Agents
    • RedHat OpenShift
    • AWS EKS
    • Azure AKS
    • GCP GKE
    • CRI-O
    • Primekey
    • Cisco Meraki
    • MobileIron
    • Systemd sockets
  • Simplify Checkmk Upgrades
    • Extend pre-update checks and provide guidelines to resolve any findings
    • Reduce number of incompatible werks
    • Filter incompatible werks by used plugins
  • Performance
    • Improve performance for customers with large distributed Checkmk installations monitoring more than 50,000 hosts
  • Synthetic monitoring
    • Better UI integration of synthetic monitoring checks e.g. done via RobotMK
  • Improve Checkmk usability
    • Rework the “Schedule downtime” dialog
    • Rework the “Acknowledge problem” dialog
    • Rework and restyle all confirmation dialogs
  • General direction
    • Automatic dependency detection for network devices
    • Anomaly Detection
    • OpenMetrics support
    • Add additional standard APIs to Checkmk to extend Checkmk’s functionality
    • Continue to work on improving Checkmk’s usability by simplifying and streamlining the UI