Checkmk Pricing

Choose between three Editions aimed at monitoring any kind of cloud and IT infrastructure. Fine-tune your investment to your scale and support requirements. IT monitoring has never been more flexible.


Free and open source IT monitoring for mid-sized infrastructures.

Monitor your entire IT:

  • Auto-discover your IT
  • Monitor out-of-the-box with 2000+ plug-ins
  • Auto-detect issues
  • 100% Open Source


and more

Support: Checkmk Community

forever free of charge
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Scalable and automated enterprise-wide IT monitoring.

Everything in Raw,

  • Accelerate and scale up your monitoring
  • Automate monitoring operations
  • Monitor dynamic workloads
  • Visualize your IT

and much more

Support included

Services to monitor
3.000 ~ 100 hosts

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State-of-the-art IT monitoring for cloud and hybrid infrastructures.

Everything in Enterprise,

  • Monitor cloud workloads
  • Deploy from cloud marketplaces
  • Auto-register any load
  • Push and pull agents
  • Visualize your cloud

and much more

Support included

Services to monitor
3.000 ~ 100 hosts

Not sure? Calculate services


Monitor your customers’ hybrid IT. Designed for IT service providers.

Everything in Cloud,

  • Multi-customer management & dashboards
  • Data segregation
  • Data loss protection, if customer connections fail
  • White label branding

and much more

Support included

Services to monitor
3.000 ~ 100 hosts

Not sure? Calculate services

Synthetic monitoring

Monitor your applications from the user's perspective. Create diverse synthetic tests covering any use case, seamlessly consolidating IT infrastructure and synthetic monitoring within the Checkmk UI. Powered by the Robot Framework.

Available for: Enterprise | Cloud | MSP

Virtual or physical appliance

Operate Checkmk within your existing virtualization platform or in a dedicated appliance. Both come pre-configured for a fast deployment, ensuring maintenance-free operations thanks to automatic patches and updates.

Available for: Enterprise | Cloud | MSP

Compare features across editions
Raw Enterprise Cloud MSP
Use cases
Server monitoring
Network monitoring
Application monitoring
Log & event monitoring
Container monitoring
Kubernetes monitoring
OpenShift monitoring
Monitor your customers' IT
Cloud monitoring
AWS monitoring basic extended extended
Azure monitoring basic extended extended
GCP monitoring basic extended extended
Built-in dashboards
Synthetic monitoring
Desktop & web application monitoring
User experience testing
Special cases
Auto-discovery of hosts and services
Automated monitoring of dynamic infrastructure
Agent management & automated agent updates
Automated remediation handler
Recurring maintenance downtimes
Host lifecycle management
Auto-registration of hosts
Dashboards & graphs
Live customizable dashboards
Time-series graphs
Efficient long-term data storage
Modular customizable graphs
Overview dashboards
Built-in dashboards
Large variety of graphs and dashlets for custom dashboards
Built-in cloud dashboards
General functionality
Smart and granular alerting
Business process health monitoring
Powerful search and filter options
Tags & Labels
Hardware / Software inventory
Customizable GUI
Granular role & permission management
Unlimited user accounts
Distributed monitoring
HA support
Use in affiliated entities open source separate license included included
Scalability 1,000+ hosts 100,000+ hosts 100,000+ hosts 100,000+ hosts
CPU efficiency medium very high very high very high
Shortest measurement interval 1m <1m <1m <1m
Distributed monitoring performance medium very high very high very high
Long-term availability analysis slow very fast very fast very fast
Dynamic configuration
Advanced analytics
Trend predictions
Advanced forecasting/capacity planning
Availability analysis
PDF Reports
SLA Reporting
Monitoring coverage
2,000+ officially supported plugins
Agent-based monitoring
Agentless monitoring
Pull agents
Push agents
Linux Distribution (RHEL / SLES / Debian / Ubuntu)
Virtual Appliance
Hardware Appliance
Marketplaces AWS & Azure
Secure agent by design
Encrypted communication
Password store
LDAP & AD support
Slack & Mattermost
Cisco WebEx Teams
MS Teams
Service Now
Community support
Pro support
Advanced support
Central management of customers
Multi-tenancy and strict data segregation
Automatic customer reporting
Autonomous monitoring
Intelligent Alerting

Hosts have approximately 30 services each, on average. However, a database host or a core switch may have a much larger number of services. A service may be anything – for example, a file system, a hardware sensor, or a switch port – but it can also be a specific metric, such as CPU usage. Check out our service calculator.

We believe that services are the fairest metric to calculate pricing: a Wi-Fi access point has way fewer aspects requiring monitoring compared to a database server, thus it should also cost less!

No, our subscription model continues to be based on services, and we do not place any restrictions or impose any additional charges beyond the number of services in your subscription. 

You can upgrade to the Cloud Edition at any time. Please contact our sales team for details. 

Trials of Checkmk are now easier than ever simply download the latest build of the Checkmk Cloud Edition and start using it. This will automatically start a 30-day trial period. You can also continue using the Cloud Edition in Free mode for as long as you want. Free mode does not require a license and is limited to 750 services and one site. 

The Checkmk Cloud Edition includes all features of the Enterprise Edition. The best way to test the Enterprise Edition is to use the Checkmk Cloud in Trial mode. Features that are exclusive to the Cloud Edition (e.g., cloud dashboards, push agent, etc.) are marked as such in the GUI, so you won’t risk testing anything that won’t be available later on. You can also continue using the Cloud Edition in Free mode for as long as you want. Free mode does not require a license and is limited to 750 services and one site. 

The easiest way to get started with a POC is to simply install the Cloud Edition, create a new site, and use the 30-day trial period. If you need more than 30 days to build your POC, please contact our sales team, who will be able to issue a POC license. 

Yes, you can deploy the Checkmk Cloud Edition from the AWS and Azure cloud marketplaces and natively run your sites directly in your respective tenants. The same licensing mechanism applies to sites launched from a cloud marketplace. Our Azure and AWS marketplace listings use the ‘Bring your own license’ (BYOL) model, so you can use the same application account in sites deployed by one of these marketplaces.

There are two different support packages to address the needs of different users: Pro and Advanced. Check out our support page for more details.