Check-Manual von apc_symmetra

APC Symmetra UPS: Device and Battery States
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPL
Unterstützte Agenten SNMP

This check monitors some aspects of an APC Symmetra UPS: - battery status - output status - self test - battery capacity - battery replace - battery number batt packs - battery remaining time - calibration result - last diagnostic date You can configure {WARN} and {CRIT} levels for capacity (default: 80, 95 percent). You can configure the state for calibration (default: {OK}) and battery replace (default: {WARN}) aswell. The device sends its own state for some metrics (battery, battery replace, output, calibration). Battery state: - {OK}: "normal" (2) - {CRIT}: "low" (3), "in fault condition" (4) - {UNKNOWN}: "unknown" (1) Battery replace state: - {OK}: "no replacement needed" (1) - Depending on configuration (default: {WARN}): "battery needs replacement" (2) Output/Calibration state: - Depending on configuration (default: {OK}): "calibration invalid" and "on line" (2), "on smart boost" (4), "on smart trim" (12) - {CRIT}: No calibration in progress and none of the states (2, 4, 12) - {UNKNOWN}: None of the states (1-20) - {OK}: In all other cases This check uses the PowerNet-MIB.


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