Check-Manual von cmciii_temp

Rittal CMC-III Units: Temperatures

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten SNMP
This check monitors the temperature measured by various Rittal CMC-III units. It only covers single-temperature sensors while fanunits (which report 3 temperatures for inflowing air and 3 temperatures for outflowing air) are covered by cmciii_lcp_airin, cmciii_lcp_airout and cmciii.temp_in_out. Limits are configured in the Rittal device itself but can be overridden. The state given by the Rittal device is taken as the state of the check as follows: If the Rittal device returns OK, the check is OK. Otherwise the check is CRIT.


The unit name and the name of the temperature sensor


One service is created for each temperature sensor.