Check-Manual von hr_ps


Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten SNMP
The HOST-RESOURCES-MIB is a standardized MIB provided by many SNMP agents. This check uses that MIB in order to monitor the current processes of the target host.

No default levels are set. Upper and lower levels for the amount of processes can be configured. The status running, runnable, not runnable or invalid can be mapped th OK, WARN, CRIT or UNKNOWN. The default is OK.


A user defined name which must be unique.


One service is created for each user defined name. Within the discovery rule {Process discovery (only SNMP)} you can specify which processes are taken into account. You can either match on the process name {hrSWRunName} or the process path {hrSWRunPath}, and the process status {hrSWRunStatus}. The {service description} may contain one or more occurances of {%s}. If you do this, then the pattern must be a regular expression and be prefixed with {~}. For each {%s} in the description, the expression has to contain one "group". A group is a subexpression enclosed in brackets, for example {(.*)} or {([a-zA-Z]+)} or {(...)}. When the discovery finds a process matching the pattern, it will substitute all such groups with the {actual values} when creating the check. That way one rule can create several checks on a host. If the pattern contains more groups then occurrances of {%s} in the service description then only the first matching subexpressions are used for the service descriptions. The matched substrings corresponding to the remaining groups are copied into the regular expression, nevertheless.