Check-Manual von mrpe

MRPE: MK's Remote Plugin Executor

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
Lizenz GPLv2
Unterstützte Agenten Linux AIX Solaris Hpux Macosx Netbsd Openbsd Freebsd
The MRPE is a simple and efficient way to use standard Nagios Plugins with the check_mk_agent and thus emulate NRPE to a certain degree. Its main usage is to allow a soft migration from NRPE to check_mk and to use third party Nagios plugins that are running locally on your target hosts.

This check type processes the MRPE section in the output of the agent. Since all levels and parameters are configured on the target host, no parameters are needed here. Please refer to the online documentation on how to configure the agent.

The current version of the mrpe check is now cluster-aware and works well as a clustered_service (see article about Checkmk cluster monitoring). If an MRPE check is found on more than one node, then the best status of the checks is being used. So if the check is critical on one of the nodes and OK on another then the status, output and performance data of the OK check is being used as the gross result of the check.


The service description of the check as configured in {mrpe.cfg} on the target host.


One service is created for each plugins configured in {mrpe.cfg}.