Check-Manual von printer_supply

Generic Printer: Remaining Filling Level
Distribution offizieller Teil von Check_MK
Lizenz GPL
Unterstützte Agenten SNMP

This check monitors the remaining filling level in percent of a printers supplys like toner or fuser. The printer has to support the generic PRINTER-MIB. The default check levels are 20% (warning) and 10% of the full level (critical). According the PRINTER-MIB it's possible that a printer couldn't determine how much is remaining in a supply, so the printer says "some remaining". This value produces a warning. In case of OKI c5900 devices the name of the supply units ins not unique. One example is {Toner Cartridge OKI DATA CORP}. In this case the color of the supply unit is added to the beginning of the name to get a unique item name.


The description of the printer


One service is created for each supply unit with a unique name.