Check manual page of 3par_ports

HPE 3PAR: Ports

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents 3Par
This check displays the

- state of a connection

- the associated WWN

- mode

- failover state (optional)

- label of this port (optional)

The service state depends on the link and failover state. You can configure the service state (OK: 0, WARN: 1, CRIT: 2) for each possible value a port can have.

This check uses the 3PAR special agent.


{{Protocol name}} (i.e. FC, iSCSI, FCOE, IP, SAS or NVMe) and {{Node}}, {{Slot}} and {{Cardport}} values.


One service is created for each port connection if type is not 3 (FREE).