Check manual page of ad_replication

Microsoft Active Directory Replication between DCs: Status

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Windows
The check analyzes the replication status of Microsoft Active Directory Domain Controllers.

The check measures

- the number of replication failures

- the times of the last successful/failed replications

The service goes to WARN state when

- the warning threshold is reached

The service goes to CRIT state when

- the maximum failed threshold is reached

- the last failed replication is newer than the last successful replication

The threshold is configureable and the default values are 15 (WARN) and 20 (CRIT).

The windows agent needs to be extended with the ad_replication.bat provided in agents/windows/plugins.


Site and the Domain Controller of the replication partner.


One service is created for each replication partner.