Check manual page of aix_paging

AIX: Paging Information

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents AIX
This check measures the usage of paged AIX volumes.

The warning and critical for the usage can be configured.

You can also enable performance data for the traffic and latency for specific protocols (global, nfs, cifs, san, fcp, iscsi) via the parameters.

The service goes WARN/CRIT if the usage goes over the configured warning/critical level

Trends: This checks supports volume trends. This means that this check is able to compute the change of the used space over the time and can make a forecast into the future. It can estimate the time when the volume will be full.

In the default configuration the check will compute the trend based on the data of the last 24 hours using a logarithmic average that gives more recent data a higher weight. Also data beyond the 24 hours will to some small degree be reflected in the computation. The advantage of this algorithm is a more precise prediction and a simpler implementation, which does not need any access to any RRDs or similar storage.

Please note that when a volume is started to be monitored, the trend of the past is unknown and is assumed to be zero. It will take at least one trend range of time until the trend approximately reflects the reality.


Name of the volume as defined in the system


One service is created for each volume.