Check manual page of apache_status

Apache Web Server: Performance Indicators
Distribution official part of Check_MK
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Linux
This check parses the information provided by the Apache status module. If you have enabled that module (on Debian/Ubuntu this is the default), then below the URL /server-status Apache show interesting information like:

- Uptime since the server was started/restarted

- Number of idle workers

- Number of buys workers

- Number of open slots

- Total number of slots

- Total number of accesses

- CPU Load (for each worker, total for all workers)

- Averages (number of requests per second, number of bytes served per second, number of bytes per request)

- Scoreboard

- Total connections

- Information about connection (writing, keep alive, closing)

- The number of busy servers

- The number of idle servers

The agent plugin apache_status fetches that data and this check processes it.

The status is always OK but it fetches interesting performance data.

As a preparation you need to install the agent plugin apache_status into your agent's plugins directory (usually /usr/lib/check_mk_agent/plugins). The plugin tries to autodetect all running apache servers. If that fails for some reason you need to create the configuration file /etc/check_mk/apache_status.cfg and list your servers here. Write a Python list of dicts for protocol, servername and port. With the optional item 'page' its posible to change the status page from server-status to a name you want


A string-combination of servername and port, e.g. {}.


One service is created for each Apache server.