Check manual page of arcserve_backup

Arcserve: Backup

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Windows
Checks if Backup Jobs did finish successfully on an Arcserve Backup System.

Therefore it queries the database on the backup server. It needs the arcserve_backup.ps1 agent plug-in to be installed there.

Please note: On the Arcserve database TCP/IP and named pipes need to be activated for the plug-in to work.

The check returns

- OK if the backup job did finish with an OK message

- WARN if the job reported warnings

- CRIT if the job did report errors

- UNKN if the job did finish with an unidentified message

Number of directories, number of files and size are only reported but do never trigger any non-OK state.


The name of the backup.


One service is created for each backup configured. Please note: This is independent of the number of hosts backuped in one backup job. Only the total state of a backup (over all contained hosts) is reported.