Check manual page of aws_s3_limits

AWS S3: Limits

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Aws
This check monitors the account-wide number of AWS/S3 buckets. Note that there is no per-region limit, only an account-wide limit.

To make this check work you have to configure the related special agent Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Default levels are set to 80, 90 percent and the default max. value is set 100, which is the default limit imposed by AWS. These levels are configurable using the rule "AWS/S3 Limits".

Since there are no per-region limits, the regions selected when configuring the AWS special agent do not apply here. Instead, this check will always collect all buckets, regardless of their regions. Also, possibly configured restriction to names or tags are not taken into account.


One service is created per monitored AWS region.