Check manual page of aws_s3_requests_http_errors

AWS S3: HTTP Errors

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Aws
This check monitors the rate of all HTTP requests and the rates of HTTP 4xx and 5xx client error status code requests made to an Amazon S3 bucket. The 4xx- and 5xx-rates are reported both in counts per second and as a fraction of all HTTP requests.

To make this check work, you have to configure the related special agent Amazon Web Services (AWS). Furthermore, you have to enable request metrics in the AWS/S3 console. This is a paid feature. Note that the filter name has to be set to `EntireBucket`, as is recommended in the AWS documentation for a filter that applies to all objects. The AWS special agent uses this filter name to query S3 request metrics from the AWS API.

No default levels are set. Upper levels on the fractions are configurable via the rule "AWS/S3 HTTP Errors".


Name of the bucket


One service is created for each bucket if all required metrics (AllRequests, 4xxErrors, 5xxErrors) are given.