Check manual page of checkmk_agent

Checkmk Agent: Deployment properties

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents Solaris AIX Linux Freebsd Openwrt Windows
This plug-in makes sure that the Checkmk agent deploy mechanism (if used) is working properly. It checks the time of the last successful connect to the deployment server and if there are any error messages.

It also displays the number of deployed agent plugins and local checks. Furthermore, levels can be configured on the versions. For this to work, the versions must be included in the plugins / local checks in one of the standardised formats: * CMK_VERSION="2.1.0p12" (e.g. shell, php) * __version__=... (python)

Together with the version requirements, users can also configure the monitoring state in case the version of a file is found but can not be parsed.

Finally, the plug-in also checks for duplicate agent plugins and local checks and goes to WARN if any duplicates are found.

You can exclude files from the version and duplicate checks using regex patterns in the ruleset.


One service is created.