Check manual page of cifsmounts

Health of CIFS Mounts Mounted on UNIX/ Linux
Distribution official part of Check_MK
License GPL
Supported Agents Linux AIX

This check probes the availability of CIFS mounts. The agent sends the status of all NFS mounts, if the command line utility {waitmax} is available (it is is used to avoid hanging if the server is not responding). The probe is done by trying a {stat -f} (system call {statfs(2)}) on the mount point. If that lasts longer then 2 seconds, then the server is considered to be not responding. When you install the agent manually, please do not forget to also install {waitmax} into {/usr/bin}. That file is shipped together with the agent. When {waitmax} is missing, the agent will silently omit the section {nfsmounts}. If the CIFS mount is "stale", then {stat -f} returns immediately but with a size of {0}. The check detects that and results in a warning state. To configure usage levels and whether or not to output metrics use the WATO rule "Network filesystem - overall status and usage (e.g. NFS)"


The mount point.


One service is created for each CIFS mount. This is doneby scanning {/proc/mounts} (linux) or using the mount command (aix). The file {/etc/fstab} is irrelevant.