Check manual page of cisco_ucs_mem

Cisco UCS: Memory Operation Status

Distribution Official part of Checkmk
License GPLv2
Supported Agents SNMP
This check allows to monitor the operational status and presence of the memory in a Cisco UCS device. The check will report OK as long as the operational status is "operable", "removed" or "autoUpgrade". In other cases, the check will report a WARNING or CRITICAL status, based on the severity of the issue. The check will also report WARNING if the presence state is not "empty", "equipped", "missing", "equippedNotPrimary", "equippedSlave" or "equippedDiscInProgress". When the presence state is "missing", all other data will be ignored.

Additionally, the plug-in checks and reports memory faults reported by the device. Acknowledged faults will be reported as OK. Otherwise, the monitoring state depends on the fault severity: "major" and "critical" are reported as CRITICAL, "warning" and "minor" as WARNING and "cleared" and "info" as OK.


Name of the memory unit


One service is created for each memory device.